Bruin Recruiters Take STL

I was honored to get to go on a trip with Belmont Admissions to St. Louis for a dinner with prospective students! 8 Bruin Recruiters, 2 admissions counselors, and 2 financial aid counselors! We drove there on Monday, had the dinner that night, then came back Tuesday a little before noon. It was so great. I loved hanging out with the other folks and getting to meet prospective students! We had a lot of fun. Loved it 🙂 When we weren’t having life chats, I was being super productive and watching High School Musical and Meet the Robinsons. I think I only scared one student… oops… “HEY ARE YOU TOMMY?” but it was a great time.

I’m excited to go back and explore STL some day 🙂







Casually walking around WAC with a pillow. Lady: “Did you have a slumber party last night?” “No ma’am, I am headed out of town with admissions…” #awk




Making Brooke proud and ironing our red shirts ❤


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