30 days complete, life, and 2 snow days.

Last week I wrote a nice, long post… and it got deleted… sadness… So if this post is lacking just imagine what else I could have written…

We completed our first Whole30! It was hard. But worth it. The first 22 days I felt like absolute crap. I was starving and exhausted. Then eventually I was just tired and hungry (all the time). Then day 23 I took a turn and finally finished the awful detox process. Those 22 days were rough. I had several meltdowns (at home and at school) and one day ended with me crying in my car. Another involved me taking a nap in my car.

(Update: I bought a pillow and a queen-sized blanket for my car. Thx Target. So that’s where my life’s at)

Several people (you know who you are) saw me at some of my lowest moments. Amidst me being a drama queen about the three foods I could eat, crying, being emotional and grumpy, complaining about my state of health – these folks still loved me. Wow. That is true love and true friendship. All I can say is that I am #blessed.

I have really great friends. From being super sweet and sensitive about offering suggestions as to what I could eat, to finding whole30-friendly recipes, to listening to me complain every day, to being patient as I asked the waiter a thousand questions about what’s in the food… wow. I do not deserve you people.

Also, Mama Scott deserves a serious shout out. Y’all this lady is amazing. She cooked and cooked and cooked and cooked to feed her starving and detoxing family. She found new recipes. She made lots of different food. She did her best to re-create food we missed. She drove me food to Belmont. While I laid on the couch like a pathetic 2 year old and moaned from hunger (wish I could say this didn’t happen but it did), she brought me food. She made breakfast four times every morning to accommodate everyone’s schedules. She got up early to pack us lunches to go. She packed food when we were away. She was kind and supportive and encouraging. And throughout all this, she was cheerful. What?! Lady is unreal. Mom, you da real MVP. But actually. You are a rockstar.

I came a long way from the day I basically had a panic attack in Frothy to being able to find something to eat in eating establishments. When I went to Frothy I was starving and freaked out. What was I going to eat?! Too many people, too small a space, too dark, no food I could eat. When I went to Chattanooga with three of my best friends two weekends ago, I was able to calmly and truthfully say I could find something to eat no matter where we ate.

Even though I could just eat protein, fruits, and vegetables, I still had lots of options. Almond milk and espresso at Bongo and Frothy. I ate at the caf 1-2 times a day. This was great because I got to be with my people! A typical meal at the caf consisted of: meat (hamburger patty, chicken, ham, roast, or something in the steak family), grilled or roasted vegetables (yay for potato days), a banana, and an orange.

I am also really good at asking waiters questions. “What’s on the spicy pecans?” “What’s in the dressing?” “What is on this chicken?” Also, you know your food plan is sketch when the WHOLE FOODS people can’t help you and look at you like you’re crazy. Thought I could count on you, WF…

Weird: I despised mustard until this eating plan. Now I LOVE mustard. Hamburgers, chicken, it can go on everything. Jenny: “Lily since when did you love mustard?” and then later… “Lily are you dipping your carrots in mustard?!”

Lara bars are gross but would tide me over till the next meal.

I have a new appreciation for food.

After we finished the 30 days, we took a few days off (I went out of town for conference this past weekend – see previous post). I ate ice cream, Chickfila twice, and some bread. I was pleasantly surprised to not get super sick while eating “normal” food. SCORE. Got kind of emotional eating my favorite foods. Cookie dough ice cream, I really need you in my life.

Get excited. We are doing another 30 days but maybe a little modified. Sometimes a girl just needs some Chickfila and ice cream, ya know? (for all who are freaking out: don’t worry. I’ve got my stuff together this time and won’t be as complain-y. Maybe. Hopefully. It’s all good in the long run)

I feel good. I feel healthy. I feel ready to conquer the world. Might even make some other changes. Who knows.

Also, today is Belmont’s second snow day this week. I am pretty darn happy. Just missing my people.

I will be filling my snow day time with meaningful pursuits. Such as researching who is actually better: NSYNC or Backstreet Boys. Watching funny YouTube videos. Looking at flights to Spain. Arranging my clothing by color. I’ve painted my nails and changed into new pajamas. V important things, folks.

Amor y besitos,



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