day 13.

I would just like to say a special thanks to all of the people who have been nice enough to listen to me talk about this ridiculous eating plan. if you’ve had to listen, I’m sorry. But thx 4 supporting me. I really don’t want to be that person who talks about what they can or can’t eat, but here we are. It is the biggest thing in my life right now and I am constantly hungry and tired because of it… Wednesday was my worst day. It was really bad. S/o to the people who had to be with me on such a sad and pathetic day… Thanks for loving me folks 🙂

I changed some of my ways and have started eating at the caf more so I can see my people!

In case you’ve been awake at night wondering what I’ve been eating…


This was so so good I can’t even tell you






Something I can drink at Starbucks!!

IMG_2812 IMG_2820 IMG_2841 IMG_2846 IMG_2857 IMG_2870 IMG_2894 IMG_2973


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