can’t eat that yo.

Today I had my first near panic sesh that I couldn’t eat anything. I went to Frothy with some dear friends and I began panicking as I looked over the menus. Nothing. Nada. What was I going to eat?! The loud and busy environment got overwhelming as I stressed out. I was hungry but had no options. Calmed down and then left when my friends got their drinks. How do people do this all the time???

So so stupid. But just a little look at this ridiculousness…

(surely whole foods won’t judge right?!) Me to whole foods guy: so I am looking for ice cream or sorbet without dairy, gluten, grains, or sugar. Do you have that? *guy is lost and stressed* *finds another guy* guy: “what are you eating?!” #thx

Mom is sick but has been so cheerful and kind. She encourages everyone on how great they are doing and makes amazing food according to the plan. Meanwhile I am moaning from the couch… 😉

Besitos y amor,



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