this week.

This has been a hard week. Hard in every aspect. But it has also had many beautiful moments. The week started out with the engagement of two dear friends. So much joy! Then Sunday night celebrating the 19th birthday of one of my favorite people. So much joy. Monday morning my family started a 30 day eating plan (more coming soon don’t you worry…). We are not eating dairy, gluten, legumes, added sugar, or grains during this time. So basically grass. Just kidding. Protein, vegetables, and fruits. So I’m starving. Still adjusting. It has messed my body up and put me out of whack. I just want my mints, gum, chipotle, and Chickfila. And lemonade. I am very very hungry every 3-4 hours. I am drinking lots of water. I keep coming home or not eating till 5 which means I can barely move. Most of my texts to mom this week have been “I AM SO HUNGRY.” This week also had many new things: classes, professors, classmates, coworkers… All good but still new. I am still getting lost finding my classes…

Yesterday afternoon a Belmont student passed away in her residence hall. So so tragically sad and horrific. I can’t imagine what her family and friends are going through right now.

I know all parents on the Belmont Emergency Text alert system experienced a little of it when they kept getting alerts from Belmont. Dad was in a meeting and kept receiving texts and calls and panicked.

Heavy hearts.

Jesus, we need You. We need your presence.

Praying for all those involved and affected. Praying for heavenly peace. And more importantly, praying that God uses this to draw people to himself.

Besitos y amor,



*stolen from FB because they are perfect*



Mack and Nate selfie time… 🙂












Laughed so hard at this



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