barcelona cathedral.

Over Valentine’s Day, I went to Barcelona with my Hiram friends! I immediately fell in love with this city. It was sunny and bright, contrasted with my dear Santiago’s rain. It did rain a bit in Barce if I remember correctly… but was overall lovely and warm. My favorite thing was the Cathedral. It was worth the few euros we spent to enter. I was in awe of the majestic place of worship. After we walked around a bit, I picked a pew and sat to read the Word and pray. It was beautiful. I was in awe of the Lord’s presence. I have continually felt His presence with me, but was particularly aware of it in this place.

After my quiet time, I realized that I did not have my phone. What had happened to it?! I began panicking thinking maybe someone had picked it up off the bench while my eyes were closed. Really?!

I think Abbey or Dave called it and my boot began to ring. My Chaco boot had been keeping it safe 😉




Failed attempt at a pano…



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