spring semester.

Tomorrow we go back to school – I can’t believe it’s already time to start! Break started out kind of rough (recovery time) but has been so good. I have loved getting to spend time with my dear family and see sweet friends!

This is my first spring semester at Belmont – isn’t that weird? So I suppose since it’s new I’m feeling kind of overwhelmed. Did not help that I forgot drop/add was today so didn’t get a spot in a class I wanted to add. Registration for classes is AWFUL. I know it will all work out but is so stressful in the moment.

Last night I got to have dinner with my fellow coaches and three of my best friends – Brenda, Jenny, and Zach! It was so great to see them and catch up. Zach what will we do without you?!

Also last night – some of my sweet Nash friends got to meet some of my Belmont friends! I love when my worlds overlap and people near and dear to my heart get to meet each other. Definitely the perfect way to begin ending break!

A year ago today I started Cursos! Missing Santiago a lot.

besitos y amor,



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