the way.

Later this past semester, the Belmont Film Society had a showing of The Way. I was so excited! This movie was the first thing I ever heard or saw about Santiago. I had seen it a few times before I went to Spain and then I watched it as part of an excursion while in Santiago. I also got to do a couple days on the Camino with Alanna and my friends from Loras. Since I was excited to see it, I was shocked at how I responded to watching the movie.

I cried the whole movie.

Tears streamed down my cheeks. The whole time.

{I apologized to the guy sitting next to me.}

I was so moved. So overcome. I missed Santiago. I had so many emotions and feelings connected to the scenery as I watched scenes from beautiful Galicia and then from my beloved Santiago.

I thought of my short time on the Camino. I thought of the times I had watched the movie. I thought of the night at the hostel on the Camino that we all hung out and laughed and had the first night that was like a night we would have as friends in the States (just hanging out at a house all together). I thought of the people we met on the Camino. I thought of the German woman I spoke with and listened to on the bus going to the airport when she had just finished the pilgrimage. I thought of the Cathedral. I thought of my many adventures, memories, and times spent traipsing through the Old Town with friends or by myself. I thought of the amazing people I now call friends. I miss it. So I cried. It was cathartic though amidst the pile of Kleenex.

There are some things that are always with you – tucked away safely in your heart. Santiago is one of those things.


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