new beginnings.

I know. I have a lot of blogs. While it may seem excessive, they all serve for different purposes 🙂 My blogspot was used before Spain, lilygoestospain is about my time in Spain (GUESS WHAT I’M GOING BACK IN MAY SO WILL REVIVE THAT BLOG), and this blog will be for this new season of life!

Studying in Spain was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Those five months were amazing. I learned so much Spanish. I learned about so many cultures. I saw so many new and beautiful places. I met so many wonderful and dear people. I miss it all so much!

It’s crazy how I can be SO HAPPY back in Nash yet at the same time missing Santiago!

I actually changed as a person studying abroad. My personality changed – what? I am now an ESFP (was ENFJ). So crazy.

I also changed what I’m studying! Over the past year, God has been changing my heart. While He brought me to Belmont for nursing, He changed my heart and my plans. I was so set on what I thought was best for me. Looking back, I was not trusting God with my life, because I thought I had it figured out. I was so wrong! It makes me think of Tangled when they sing “I’ve Got a Dream.” “Your dream stinks!” I feel like that was God’s nice way of saying that to me – His plans are so much better than ours.

So now, I am a Spanish major with a Business minor, with hopes to get my MBA through Belmont. Who knows – that could change too! I DO know that God is good, faithful, and has me tight in His grip. So I really don’t know what lies ahead – but I do know that God has a beautiful plan for me! I am excited y’all!

I do know that I am supposed to be at Belmont. I cannot believe how wonderful it is and how blessed I am to be here! So many beautiful and amazing people are in my life right now.

This semester I am taking a 6 hr accounting class (it’s killing me), quantitative methods in business with calculus (we just hit calculus…), the theatre experience and literature and the stage (my linked cohort). With a lighter schedule, I have been getting more involved, which I love! I have four RUF events a week, I work five hours a week in the Language Learning Center as a Spanish tutor, am a Spanish tutor for student athletes, am very involved with swim club (a co-president), am a TT leader, am a study abroad ambassador, and just interviewed to be a Bruin Recruiter (will find out in a week or so!). I don’t have class Tuesdays and Thursdays! Life is great.

I am so excited – after talking with a friend, we decided to read through Psalms together! I will definitely be sharing some of that.

– lily


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